Your Sales Funnel: Getting Leads to Become Buyers

The Take Action Sequence

Let's answer this burning question that gets asked all of the time...

"How do you get these leads to remain on your list and become buyers or business partners and leaders with you?"

It's not something that happens over night, that's for sure. With a calculated sales funnel in place...​ you can get these lookers to become buyers, partners, leaders. It is all in what you do for the people on your list and what you say to the people on your list.

  1. You start by getting the attention of these people. They are looking for some kind of freedom. Usually financial freedom or time freedom. maybe freedom from a JOB, debt, maybe more time with their family. They need more money to get that freedom. Your mission in your sales funnel should be to provide a solution for them to get the money they need for what they are looking for.
  2. Once you have their attention​, the next part of the funnel is holding their interest. You do that through automated emails. The more personalized your emails are, the better. Your sales funnel should build the KNOW LIKE TRUST that is needed to show them that they can make money as well. Tell your story, show your proof, progress and results. This is what will keep them reading your emails and watching your presentations.
  3. When you have established a KNOW LIKE TRUST relationship, weed out the people on your list that have no desire to do anything and only focus on the people who engage with you, showing a real interest in continuing to watch and learn.
  4. Throughout the Sales Funnel and in each email, have a sales presentation with a call to action to Get Started or Take Action to either follow you in other social media or on your offer. If they follow you in social media, follow them back and engage with them as well.
  5. Present more than just the same sales presentation each time. Offer webinars, videos, tools, resources, or information that will help their business. These can also be subsets of your systems, just broken down into smaller parts.
  6. Making the sales. These are the people that buy from you. They are your customers, business partners and leaders. Teach them how to duplicate the same process they went through with you.

The ​more complicated your sales funnel is, the more likely you lose the attention of the person. That is why effective lead nurturing is necessary to get the audience to proceed to the call to action. If you aren't nurturing or connecting with your potential buyer, your competition is, and you will lose sales to the more attentive and relatable person.

The way to connect with your list is to put your personality into your emails. Tell them your online journey and story (over and over in different ways)​, provide them with tips and tools that will help them with THEIR Online Journey. The more value you give, the more you will be viewed as someone who can help them. Let them understand that this is all part of the process. If they relate to you,they will reach out to you and ask for help. When they take action and have success, that is key to them continuing to implement what they have learned.

Let them know that this is a Simple Process.​ Tell them that they have access to the strategies, blueprint and training provided. Invite and lead them to a strategy group where they can see average people like them succeeding. This is a simple, proven system that works for everyone that is taking action.

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Renee Sullivan :)​

About the Author

I am an enthusiastic mother of two, and online entrepreneur. I love my family and I enjoy music and theater! I am currently seeking partners who are driven, motivated, bright and who can follow a simple blueprint & guidance to help them earn using their laptop and smart phone from any location to build up a highly profitable digital business. Mentoring, coaching & guidance is provided for qualified business partners to help them in achieving massive results! I have 3 years of online marketing experience to aid in your success.

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