Done BY You vs. Done For You

Renee Sullivan here...

This picture above was posted on Facebook by Kevin Lampron, owner of EGN Marketing, which is the system I use to make all the sales pages, lead capture pages, funnels, and has most of the training I have gone through regarding social media, email marketing (and so much more).

Anyway, Kevin Lampron and I recently had a conversation about why having a system such as EGN Marketing that is so simple for even the newest person to come in and start creating ...teaches marketers to be more self-sufficient and brand opposed to having a system that new people are dependent on their leaders to create "done for you" funnels until they start learning how to use the system.

I made a video about this topic here

Now, I understand why a "done for you" is attractive to some me, I became dependent on a "done for you" system for about a year until I started realizing that I had to start learning that other complicated system if I was going to make any impact in the world of online marketing.

So I learned the complicated system, started making pages of mine own, etc.. and people started reaching out to me for help because they saw what I was doing.

What happened as a result?

I spent hours upon hours attempting to teach it to others and most of them ended up quitting.

Then I discovered (or re-discovered) EGN Marketing.

And SIGNIFICANT things happened in my business...

I was able to come into EGN Marketing and create simple, yet attractive sales pages and funnels at a fraction of the cost AND a fraction of the time it took me on the previous system I was using.

Oh my goodness!! And even though I had a learning curve to go through using EGN (I'm not a techie person whatsoever), the time it took me to learn EGN was significantly less than what it took me in the previous system I was using.

Now people are coming to ask me about EGN Marketing...but this time it's different...

The majority of people are NOT asking me for help in setting up their system because EGN already has training videos that go through step by step how to get your system up and running to automate your business. Plus, if you ever need help getting set up in EGN, not only does Kevin Lampron provide top notch customer support, Kevin himself does LIVE workshops and masterminds showing people how to use EGN Marketing to promote their business and brand. I am not aware of any other owner of a marketing system that does this!

People are reaching out to get started in EGN because they see the pages and funnels I've created and want to know how I'm doing it.

Trust me, I'm no guru graphic designer at all, I've just taken advantage of an amazing system and made some awesome looking pages very simply.

Yes, this post is a 100% testimonial to Kevin Lampron and EGN Marketing... but I like giving shout outs every now and then...and this one is LONG OVERDUE!

For those of you who want more info about EGN Marketing, just CLICK HERE.

And we shall talk soon!

Renee 🙂

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