As Hard As It Is To Stick With It …

Renee Sullivan here and this is my story...

I was introduced to home based business 18 years ago when my daughter was newborn baby and my son was about 4 years old. I was working full time as a Speech Language Pathologist and my reasons are similar to what many moms want...

I wanted more than anything to have my own home based business so that I could stay home with my family and have more time with them and flexibility in my life. I also didn't like having to answer to anyone else.

​You can hear me talk about my story and journey on my debut show on Word of Mom blogtalk radio show

​I tried on and off for many years but despite my efforts I could not make that dream happen. Either I gave up because I didn't think I couldn't "sell" because I couldn't sponsor anyone to save my life!!!, or my sponsor gave up, the company went I gave it up for a while.

​Until about 9 years ago, I was struggling with a lot of health issues. My job was taking a toll on me...because not only was I the Speech Pathologist, I was also in charge of special education in the whole school building. I was essentially one person with two jobs and I was under a lot of stress...on top of that just being a mom and doing the best I can to raise them. I knew that if I didn't make a change in my life, I am not sure if I'd be here writing this message today. I had to do that for my family.

​My main goal was getting my health and life back...and I was able to turn my life and health around...and that transformation I had was the reason I had my first successful home based business. It was pretty much all offline with the exception of a health and resource blog. I used my story and newfound passion for life to build my business as a health coach (I started out doing it part-time while still working full-time). I also had an amazing personal development coach...this was the first time I experienced what it was like to have a good mentor. She genuinely cared about my success in every aspect of my I could transform my mindset, my body and of course success in my business.

​My mentor challenged me with things that took me out of my comfort zone...and even though I was scared as ever to do it...I did not let fear get in the way of what I knew I had to do to make it. It was at that time that I was still working full-time in early intervention and ended up getting fired for speaking out against things that I knew were unethical.

​So I was forced to make a decision...get another job or build my business full-time. I wasn't allowed to collect unemployment! And to top it off, my husband had just got laid off from his job. But something inside of me told me that if I could turn my health around I could certainly turn things around financially and build a business that I had been wanting to do for so long!!!

​So my mentor showed me exactly what to do to get started and making money right away. So I learned how to go out, share my story, network with people, teach and lead others. I became a self-employed full-time health coach and health and wellness "mlmer/network marketer" ... whatever you want to call it" for 4 years.

​I also paid close attention to what was talked about on a blogtalk radio show called #WordofMom as far as using social media in your business. I had not quite figured out how to make this social media thing work for my specific business at the time,however. I experienced some great success in my health coach business, but it was short-lived...mostly because of the fact that I wasn't really using the internet for my business...

​One thing I gained from listening to #WordofMom is that I got much better at knowing what to look for in a mentor...and I knew that when I was ready to move into the next phase of my business...yes the internet...I would find a mentor that would take me even further beyond my comfort zone and into success.

​I started following someone that I thought was a good mentor. I watched videos he made talking about things he was learning, I read his blog posts, I looked at what he did in social media. He just stood out as someone who was a leader, confident, had faith in himself and God, there to serve and teach others...he had the right positive mindset, he was sharing strategies to make money online...and he was showing progress and results... he was actually earning online and others following what he was doing...were doing it too. He was documenting his journey every single day online. It was inspiring to me. The things he was doing made me very hungry for that same success. The key thing to this was...he didn't really know I was watching. He never pitched his business to me ... he simply took whatever audience he had on his journey. He inspired others to want to be a leader like him.

​In April 2014 I decided that I was ready for the world of online marketing. I was a complete newbie to this...but I knew that as long as I followed what my mentor was teaching ... I would have that success too.

​I had so much to learn but I had the right positive mindset ...I stayed active in our strategy groups, I asked questions, I researched and sought out training on my own...and I made sure I stuck to my mentor like glue...or as what I talk about with MY mentees now...staying close to me!

​I found several mentors and programs I was watching and got different perspectives on marketing.

​So eventually instead of me asking all of the questions, I was the one answering the questions, mentoring and leading people in these strategy groups...people from all over the globe were inboxing me with questions, asking for help, etc.

I learned how to do what my mentors taught a leader...take people on a journey...share your progress and results, be the person everyone wants to learn from...but also balance that so you create self-motivated leaders instead of dependents. We are in business for freedom...not to be at everyone's beck and call when they need help.

​So when I see people that quit too breaks my heart. They have no idea that for most takes years and years to become the "overnight success."

​If I can go on for 18 years through failure after failure ... still pushing ... through the tears, money lost, friends lost, doubting myself at times, people that doubt and criticize me...then please for YOUR sake...don't give up after only a week, a month, a few months, a few years.

​I am still learning and growing every single marketing is an ongoing journey!

​Your time will come ... just keep moving on ... connect with others ahead of you willing to help you!!!

​You have the power within you...Just keep focused. Stay in touch with your mentors that are in it to help you!!!

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​God Bless,

Renee :)​

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I am an enthusiastic mother of two, and online entrepreneur. I love my family and I enjoy music and theater! I am currently seeking partners who are driven, motivated, bright and who can follow a simple blueprint & guidance to help them earn using their laptop and smart phone from any location to build up a highly profitable digital business. Mentoring, coaching & guidance is provided for qualified business partners to help them in achieving massive results! I have 3 years of online marketing experience to aid in your success.

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