Monthly Archives: February 2017

10 Things Successful People Don’t Repeat

Renee Sullivan coming to you here on ANOTHER snowy day…Today I made my video based on an article from the website, called, “10 Things Successful People Never Do Again.”The link to the article is here: my video hereIf you want to be successful with a digital business, I recommend reading that article and staying […]

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How To End Procrastination Once and for All

Renee Sullivan here…​Welcome from Central Massachusetts to this blizzardly day. For those of you enjoying a sunny day without snow … I’m really jealous of you right now! LOL​I just love how Mother Nature gives me extra tasks to do in my day 🙂​Here’s a few things I’ve wanted to procrastinate about today:​Removing the snow […]

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Jim Rohn says [ A Good Life ] Contains These 6 Essentials

Renee Sullivan here…Everyone has his/her definition of “A Good Life.” I’ve spent yesterday and today doing something that I consider is part of living a good life.We took our daughter to her first college audition this morning and we made it as a family adventure by staying over night in a hotel.Being that she will be studying music education, […]

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