Monthly Archives: December 2016

Don’t Believe What They Say…

Renee Sullivan here… Have you heard from others that this is the “slow” time for traffic? Meaning that most people aren’t buying traffic and most people aren’t signing up for offers because they are too busy with holiday preparations. ​Well, I do not believe in this theory because I am proof that what these people say is not true. ​Several years ago I signed […]

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A little [ explanation ]…

Renee Sullivan here… I know some of you that are new to reading my blog posts (and even some of you that have been following me for a while) might be wondering what it is that I’m doing with my online marketing business. I’ve done my share of jumping around attempting to find ​my way, my voice, and my system. […]

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The Next BIG Thing is not…

… the newest (or best, or oldest) program… It’s YOU! Renee Sullivan here… There’s a lot of shiny objects and distractions out there. People saying, “This is the next big thing” or “This is gonna be HUGE!” etc., etc… There will always be a “next big thing,” and “shiny object” but if you aren’t consistently making at least $1000 per week on what […]

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