I Made It !! 100 Days of Videos and 26 new partners

Renee Sullivan here...

Today I was awaken from a very nice dream that I think is gonna come true some time in the near future!! I won't tell you about that dream because it involves more people than myself 🙂

But I will say this... I know without a doubt that if I had not done this video challenge and connected with the people I've connected with over the past 100 days, I would not have had this dream!

You can watch my 100th video here, where I do some reflecting about what has transpired in the past 100 days since taking on this challenge.

One significant thing about this past 100 days is that while some have strayed from the plan, strategy, and long term vision, I have stayed the course ... and that has served myself and my business partners well.

By doing so, I have attracted 26 self-motivated action takers who have decided to team up with me in various parts of my business. And several of those 26 people have attracted self-motivated action takers into their business as well.

The fact that the people who have teamed up with me are now guiding their own teams, excites and inspires me to keep going!

​Now some of you might think ... BIG DEAL ... 26 new people isn't a lot, but the real key to this is that it does not have to take a lot of people. It just takes people who are SERIOUS about building their business...and then the results just keep growing.

​I am so excited about the next 100 days, and the next 100 days after that etc... because I know there's no stopping someone who is self-motivated, persistent, and focused. I look forward to attracting the self-motivated action takers that are inspired by my videos, emails and messages and want to team up with me as well.

​If that's YOU, then start here

​... then connect with me and I'll be your guide and mentor.

​Be Empowered!

Renee :)​

p.s. A sincere THANK YOU to all who have supported me on my 100 day video challenge by watching, commenting, sharing, providing feedback, etc. It means so much to me!!! 🙂

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I am an enthusiastic mother of two, and online entrepreneur. I love my family and I enjoy music and theater! I am currently seeking partners who are driven, motivated, bright and who can follow a simple blueprint & guidance to help them earn using their laptop and smart phone from any location to build up a highly profitable digital business. Mentoring, coaching & guidance is provided for qualified business partners to help them in achieving massive results! I have 3 years of online marketing experience to aid in your success.

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